A word made up by TJ Detwhiler, on Disneys animated show Recess. He made the word to have no purpose or meaning, but the teachers all thought that is was a curse word, so they banned it.
I want a big whompiing surving
Man that really whomps
by Jessie August 24, 2004
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Imitating the bass of dub-step music.
Before going out to listen to dub-step music, many will imitate the music and move their hands and head frantically to the music and say. . .

"Whomp, Whomp, Whomp, Whomp, Whomp."

Many who do this, are called "Dup-Steppas!!"
by Nacho Anal February 04, 2010
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Invented by theatre kids at Irvington High School. It is supposed to represent a sound effect of a Man's penis going up. It normally used when one would normally say "That's what she said" but more like a guy saying "I just got an erection". Normally used after someone says something sexual or one sees a hot girl (Or guy) or something that makes their penis go up.
*A hot girl with cleavage showing walks buy*
Person A: "Whomp"

Person A: "These pillows are comfy like my girlfriend's boobs."
Person B: "Whomp"
by Fred and Bob Crachit December 06, 2010
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A versatile word that can be used in multiple grammar forms. Generally used to signify something bad that has happened to someone. It is an amalgamation of "shit!" and "that sucks". It is used primarily as an interjection or verb.
A: "How has your day gone?"
B: "Ugh, so many things have gone wrong today. Whomp on my life."

A: "...and then her mom told her she wasn't actually Native American, but actually black and that she had essentially spent her entire life so far thinking she was the wrong race. Can you believe that her mom just dropped a bomb on her like that?"
B: "Hahaha WHOMP!"
by NU Token May 31, 2006
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Hitting that bong as hard as you possibly can! Blowing a beautiful cloud of excellence. Then Sitting back and enjoying your moment of achievement!
Bro whomp that bong if you an OG!
by Kirkman B June 17, 2020
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Whomp also comes from the late night TV show "Showtime at the Apollo" where contestants compete in a talent competition. When people suck, a guy tap dances them off the stage and the audience yells, "Whomp Whomp!! Whomp Whomp!!"

You can also use just one whomp.

whompity: the adjetive to describe things that deserve a hearty "whomp, whomp"
"man, i have to go do my homework"

"cleaning toilets is probably the whompitiest job ever."
by coolerkid October 13, 2005
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A big fat woman that serves no purpose , can't cook ,too ugly for sex and is absolutely no craic at all!
Hey can I invite Jenny over for the party ?
by Beavish007 September 24, 2012
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