"I just got into a car accident"

"aw dude, that whomps".
by dw2209 September 06, 2008
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whomp can be described for the feeling and sound you hear on many differnt kinds of drugs such as K also known as speical K or ketamine. another drug its used to describe is nitrous oxide. these drugs are mostly used at raves and you'll hear the word whomp come out of many people's mouths at a rave
"all i hear is whomp whomp whomp"

"dude gimme some of that whomp"
by emily rose b February 10, 2010
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A word used by Twister's brother from Rocket Power which supposedly meant to beat up... I think we're all a little smarter than that.

Proceeds to bring Twister home and rape him with a merciless and inhuman passion.
by emergay May 18, 2010
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A whomp is when take in a large amount of smoke from a bong.
“Yo pass me the bong so I can take some whomps”
by Ionlytakewhomps January 19, 2020
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A “whomp” is when you take a gigantic hit of a blunt,bong,rig,bowl, or roach coach.
Once someone takes a whomp it is only proper if the other smokers say whomp in sync if they believe that the hit was big enough to be considered a whomp.
Ryan c: yo I’m about to take a fat whomp

*takes huge hit of bong*
Everyone: whommmmp
via giphy
by Joeseph albert January 25, 2019
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The term used for a melee attack to the back of a player in the Xbox game Halo.
Also, the same as an 'assasination' in the sequel Halo 2.

Used wide spread in the south-central parts of Australia, especially during Xbox multiplayer sessions or LANs.
Bad luck. I ran up behind and whomped you.
You didn't even see that whomp coming.
by theRealSheep February 03, 2005
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Made up "curse word" on the kids' animated show Recess. Similar usage as the word "Suck".
It really whomps that Mrs. Griswald just heaped the homework on us.
by Witchie-coo December 17, 2002
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