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When a female doesn't want to put drugs in her booty hole, so she puts them in her vagina instead. Thus Voof instead of Boof.
Carol: Hey Lisa do you want to put these drugs in your butt with me?
Lisa: No Carol! I'm not that type of girl but I would be happy to Voof those drugs with you.
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by Beezybopp July 30, 2018
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when a girl inhales weed through her vagina
yo did you see that girl stick the blunt up her pussy and voof
by lil.yogurt November 01, 2018
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A hairstyle that has been hightened or enhanced in size by adding a perception of volume. Usually achieved by curling irons and hair gel or hair wax. Typically used for the female gender.
Adding voof to her hair really made her look great. voof
by AllenMcB March 09, 2018
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