ABsorption is chemistry, physics vocabulary. ADsorbtion too.

So what’s the difference between absorption and adsorption? Is there a difference between absorption and adsorption?

Quick Explanation:

Absorption is when one substance enters completely into another. Think of people walking into and sitting down in a car trolley.

Adsorption is when one substance just hangs onto the outside of another. Think of people holding onto a car trolley with one hand and leaning off the side. They’re along for the ride but not inside.
-Why banana is yellow?

- White light/sunlight is composed all color waves. When sunlight hit banana, banana reflected out only yellow wave and absorbed all other color waves in
- Thank you :D. absorption is noun, absorbed is verb
by boobs乳 November 12, 2015
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Holding in ones hits of Marijuana (High grade only my niggas) Until no smoke comes out.

See: Ghost Hit
When hot boxing I've been known to hold my breath until i reach "total absorption with my roof hit!" Choom gang shout out Ray u my nigga!!
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Fart Absorption Ratio or F.A.R.

The number of farts until an object has absorbed its maximum volume or amount of methane. At such a point the object then begins to release the trapped methane(Farts) whenever it is disturbed. Now this generally only applies to furniture, but can also be applied to other items such as carpet or clothing. In all reality this term applies to any object that can absorb gaseous emissions.
Jimmy new he had pushed the chair past its Fart Absorption Ratio when he could no longer sit down without it emiting past odors. It was now time to buy a new chair.

After maxing out her coats F.A.R. by accidentally farting on it. Kelly wondered if she really wanted to hug Jack.

John gasped for air as his lung reached their Fart Absorption Ratio.
by Captain Ahabs March 13, 2010
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There are a bunch of disembodied dicks and assholes floating in the sky and they are fucking so fast that the air around it absorbs the energy, forming the image of a cloud. Except all the assholes are yours.
by Leenoy October 24, 2018
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That one social media trend where every fucking person you follow, posts their name and urban dictionary description to there name in there story and you just wanna die.
Did you see Daves urban dic self absorption? He's the type of person who will fight for the rights that he believes he deserves.
by gloi kiwi November 22, 2021
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Like Suck Tower İdk Penis used more for same meaning it is soğ in turkish
by fişeQ October 24, 2019
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