Something, which once given can't be taken back.
Virginity is kinda like a soap bubble: all it takes is one little prick and then it's gone.
by LongIslandRedneck March 25, 2012
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Having yet shared your emotional depth with an individual who holds great value to you.
1. Losing my virginity was how I knew Thomas was who I wanted to marry.
2. Mourning the death of my father, caused me to lose the virginity that had distanced my mother and me.
3. I lost my virginity last night, my roommate and I stayed up the whole time discovering how much we love the same books.
by bydnelg December 21, 2013
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Something you're lucky to have if you're 13 in the modern generation. (Not having sex)
13 year old girl: I lost my virginity two years ago.
16 year old boy: Dayum' girl, wanna fuck?
by SuperPrettyGirlyGirl April 11, 2012
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Something that disappeared from America long ago.
Tessa: I lost my virginity yesterday!
Bob: Aren't you thirteen?
Tess: Going on fourteen!
Bob: Slut.
by ThisAsianIsAngry November 4, 2010
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The greatest gift a woman or man can give to someone. You can only lose your virginity once, if you take someone's virginity, you have taken something that they can never get back: it's irreplaceable. As this is the first time someone has sex, the presence of the hymen will make this the tightest fuck.
Parker: Guess what man.
Alex: What?
Parker: I took Christina's virginty.
Alex: God damn you, I wanted Christina's virginity.
Parker: Haha, sucks to be you.
by Mr. Platonic July 31, 2006
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A mythological noun that determines the purity of someone. It is kept with a person until the first time they engage in sexual activity, and then it is lost forever.

Guys must be careful; make sure that the girl whom you take the virginity from is a good one. If you try to leave this girl, she will use it to try to make you feel lower than dirt, and it will hit hard.
Girl: "You took my virginity! You took something that nobody else can have! I can never get it back, do you get that?"

Boy: "Oh shuddup, like Matt's pierced tounge and your vibrator are any different from my cock."
by 2009ends August 4, 2009
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