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A beautiful girl, inside and out, who is looking for the right guy to sweep her off of her feet. She's also smart, funny, and very mature, at times. Although she may feel alone most of the time, many people are there to support her through anything. She has to know somebody for a long period of time before she begins to get close to someone. A Tessa is shy but once you get to know her, she shines like a glistening star on a clear night. She has a temper at times and can be very irritable. People try to stay on her good side. A Tessa can only be close to few people at a time but those dew people have a great meaning to her. She's very kind and polite. No one could be a better partner than her.
What an amazing young woman. Must be a Tessa. Please marry me!
by wordsom December 08, 2013
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a wonderful girl, loves to sing, is dorky at times but beautiful, if you ever date her never let her go, she will complete your life if you have a hole in your heart find Tessa
dude#1:"hey i met a girl named Tessa today we're seeing a movie on friday"

dude#2:"dude don't let her go i've heard she is incredible. so incredible that i might steal her from you so watch out"
by AnonomusGal99901 July 03, 2012
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Tessa is the most wonderful girl in the world, i'm so happy that she is now mine. Without her i would be nothing. She is absolutely perfect in every single way possible. "When Will I Realize" by Avery Pwky is our song I love her beautiful smile, her breathtakingly gorgeous eyes, her adorable laugh, her amazing personality. Everything about her is amazing. She can put a smile on my face no matter how i feel. I love her more than anything in the world, she is the only person that i can honestly say i would love to be with forever and thats a good thing because we are forever(: I fully trust her with everything. Tessa has my heart and always will, i know it's safe with her and will never be hurt. Tessa baby I love you so so much, your perfect and i'll always be with you<3
Guy: Dude who was that girl you we're with?
Me: Oh that was Tessa(: she's my wonderfully perfect girlfriend<3
by DeadlyDustin October 01, 2011
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Tessa is a girl that is sometimes shy, but once you get to know her she is a fun time. She always is in a good mood and sometimes likes to show off, but that's her personality. Tessa is someone who likes to eat a lot, but doesn't gain a thing. When she likes someone she let's that person know it and doesn't give up on them. If you've known Tessa for a long time and are really close to her, never let her go. The best thing to do is ASK HER OUT. She is nice, funny, caring, amazing, unique, beautiful and you would be lucky to have her in your life. Matches best for a Tessa is a Rob, Matt, Nick, Anthony, or Max.
Mike- "Dude, are you dating that Tessa girl?"
Nick- "Yeah man, she's the best thing ever."
Mike- "I wish I had something like that, you lucky bastard."

Nick- "She's one of a kind."
by santaaaaclaus2 August 05, 2011
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There are no words to describe this amazing Greek goddess, but if I were to try to describe her, words like amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and more would come to mind. When she passes people they just have to turn around and look at her. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes that just sparkle in any light, and her hair is of a light blonde fluffyness. She's self conscious and knows it, but she really shouldn't be she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world and she should start to believe it. She loves all animals and is incredibly smart. She wishes to become a veterinarian, and she will become one because she's that amazing and smart of a person. She's caring, funny, goofy and has a great sense of humor. I would get her endless supplies of chocolate dipped strawberries, vegetarian dishes and all the clothes she wants if I could. She's America's sweetheart.
Tessa is the nicest thing you will ever meet in your life, don't hurt her.
by je'taime beaucoup January 21, 2012
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;)Tessa can be very flirty and fun to be around. She's cool to hang around. Also fits in with any group. Always true to her close friends and will never leave them hanging. You can always count on Tessa! She likes to laugh and can seem obnoxious at times, but that's why we love her! <3
That crazy Tessa!
by Friends:)666666 July 20, 2011
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