16 year olds tend to think they're older and more experienced than any person younger than them due to the government and society constantly kissing their asses about how they're able to drive, fuck, or get a job. As well in Europe, most 16 year olds are allowed to drink alcohol and nobody gives a fuck. In reality, this is what will literally bring the downfall of the world.
Hitler will rise again from a raging grudge from his younger years against being slandered by ageism from 16 year olds, and having children fucking, driving, and working is unhealthy for humanity as well.
by Commandramon October 6, 2014
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im 16 years old in 22 days which means i can finally get a job
by ZΣPH Ψ August 3, 2022
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Fan of a boy band. Goes crazy if they are mentioned.
B: What are you, a 16 year old girl?
by LogicPerson February 25, 2014
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Girl that considers herself a virgin because she only fucks up the butt. Usualy snotty and will fuck anything that walks.
16 year old girl: Im still a virgin because I only take it up the butt
by Maitland FL December 30, 2009
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A cunt that ruins everyones lives
Has blue short hair
has a iq of 3
by CumSlayer February 23, 2022
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freshest age for a girl out there. she might still have acne like most teenagers but she still just recently bloomed into her adult body, and especially nowadays, is probably just as attractive and fresh as an 18 year old girl. can only admire her from afar though, in order to not catch a case.
-why tf do 16 year old girls nowadays have to look 21 man
-yeah I know bro, it's a hard time. waiting for 2 years is surely better than getting a beating from a high school girl's family and going to jail, though.

by vinnie357325 May 1, 2022
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A good insult to against people you despise.
She’s as blind as my watered-down 16-year-old aged Siamese bald cat and looks like it too.
by electrobaalsword December 15, 2021
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