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A mythological noun that determines the purity of someone. It is kept with a person until the first time they engage in sexual activity, and then it is lost forever.

Guys must be careful; make sure that the girl whom you take the virginity from is a good one. If you try to leave this girl, she will use it to try to make you feel lower than dirt, and it will hit hard.
Girl: "You took my virginity! You took something that nobody else can have! I can never get it back, do you get that?"

Boy: "Oh shuddup, like Matt's pierced tounge and your vibrator are any different from my cock."
by 2009ends August 04, 2009

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A learning tool that overall stresses the mind and deprives daily morale and nightly sleep, resulting in even worse performance in school the next day.
WELL, I have a 0 on today's test and got a 0 in class participation, but atleast I have my homework.
by 2009ends August 27, 2009

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3:00 AM is the time in the morning in which a demon is most likely to possess a susceptible and vulnerable soul, which can sometimes and usually be a christian soul. It derives from the oppsite time of the day, 3:00 PM, when Jesus Christ died.
I woke up and looked at the clock. It said 3:00 AM. Then I heard footsteps.
by 2009ends July 16, 2009

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A little phrase used to sound powerful while making a threat.
John: If you rat me out, so help me God I will break out of jail and snap your neck!

Matt:... I thought you were an athiest?
by 2009ends September 26, 2009

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A hairstyle that people spend almost an hour to make with gel and hairspray, to make it look like they did nothing with it when they woke up in the morning.
Jake: Wow, nice bed head. Didn't you bother to comb your hair today when you woke up?

Josh: I did!

Jake: ...but then you made it like that...right?

Josh. Yeah...lol.

Jake: Wow...Edgy.
by 2009ends August 24, 2009

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Definition: A 'district' of very poorly built, yet manageable homes for the alien species known as prawns. Soon after the prawns were accommodated into District 9, it was noticed that they soon turned it into something that their home would look like. (Laboratories, egg nests, food preparation, etc.) The Prawns then started trading weapons and food with humans, and became almost entirely independent, showing less respect towards the humans.

Movie: A movie that came out in 2009 showing the events following the arrival of the prawns in District 9. It shows the behavior of prawns, which is very, VERY similar to humans, especially with the aliens using slang and swear words. (Actually, these Anthropomorphic actions of the alien prawns are very satisfying to the furry mind, so if you are a furry, I recommend this movie.)

According to some articles on the internet, the movie District 9 apparently rose from the ashes of the Halo movie, seeing that the Halo movie was canceled. The producer and director decided to make a lower budget film after the Halo project died, so district 9 was born.

The funny thing is, in the middle of the District 9 movie, there is a scene with an alien and a human battling they're way through multiple enemies using foreign space weapons. Probably a little shout out to the Halo series, since the Halo bit didn't turn out as expected.
Prawn 1: FUCK District 9 man, the damn humans blew up my eggs yesterday!

Prawn 2: I know, this place is a dump. I have to search through the trash every day to find something to eat, cause we ran out of cows a month ago.
by 2009ends August 23, 2009

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When you procrastinate on homework long enough so you look at the time, and see that it is 11:00. A very upsetting moment.
Damn, it's 11:00, I still have to write my essay... but i'm so tired...
by 2009ends August 27, 2009

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