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To make steady progress; Succeed; Thrive
"Everybody wants to prosper..."
by 26livinvillen April 20, 2018
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To make do with what you have; Settle for less but make the most of it.
Often used in twitter tweets to one another or whatever form of social media communication.
Person A: Posts a pic with hot girl
Person B: Kik?
Person A: Naw but prosper with this pic tho

Person C: I heard you broke up with Insert female
Person D: Yea I'm at a loss right now
Person C: Just chill bruh, bet Insert Female Best Friend likes you. Just prosper with her.
by Danny Bravo September 28, 2015
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one of the most delicious dark chocolate flavours around, inside and out. completley fills your insides with delight. and goes great with cream pies.
i had prosper last night, and ive been satifieed ever since !
by bdawwgg February 21, 2009
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