A kind, caring person. Always making people laugh and cheering them up. Keeps stuff to themselves so if you know a Tess, always check up on them. Everyone seems to be friends with Tess, they’re just too cool!
Wow they’re so cool, they must be a Tess
by glosisgay February 21, 2019
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An amazing person that is good at everything and anything. (Usually close to perfection and full of energy or hyper)
Haha, that tess is amazing.
by brbtertnt November 24, 2007
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The perfect girl, the one who everyone wants to be with. The girl who not many notice, but the ones that do have a friend for a lifetime. Shes a beautiful, smart and funny girl. You could call her a triple threat. Be careful not to get on her bad side though because it is hard to get off. But, if you have the heart to do so you can get things right with her. She might reject the ones who love her the most and they can just hope she will find the true meaning. She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Be glad if you have a Tess and never let her go she means a lot to you even if you don't know it.
Guy 1: Bro i have a TESS
Guy 2: Omg a Tess (lucky)
by Isaiah Izzy H March 14, 2013
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Tess is the girl next door. She's fun, quirky and so loveable. She's the girl you'd take home to your parents. She's the girl all the guys wish their girlfriends were. Tess is a goddess with long blonde curly hair, a great rack and the perfect body to match. Tess is like sunshine, she brightens up your day as soon as you see her. Tess has a hidden talent in her singing voice and instrument playing abilities. She has the potential to be famous but she would rather be having a laugh with her friends. Tess is one of the funniest people you will ever come across, she always knows how to have a good time and is usually the life of the party. Tess has big hopes and dreams to marry her prince charming and live either in the country or on the beach. All in all Tess is a beauty and boys if you find her, hold onto her.
"Wow, Tess brightens up my day every time she walks into the room"
by james fordordordord September 29, 2011
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Tess, often known as Tessy. The girl next door; playing in the mud; often blonde; just one of the guys, but she is so much more. She may seem like a ditz, but her silly exterior does not show you all that she is. Smart; not afraid to laugh at herself. Often lacks confidence, but she is a catch. One of a kind.
"Silly Tess"
by THETRUTHSEEKER April 22, 2015
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Tess is the sweetest person ever! She is nice, sweet, but shy when you first meet her. She is quiet, but talks a lot. She is really oblivious to almost everything going on around her. Otherwise, she is almost perfect besides that! She plays so many sports, she is so pretty, and so sweet. You have to love Tess.
Me: hey, look there is a huge plane flying by!
Friend: Where?
Me: Are you serious? Like right above you!
Friend: Oh, I see it.
Me: Man, you just pulled a Tess.
Friend: Haha, yep, i totally did.
by Andrew McAth November 27, 2011
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A pretty and funny person who knows how to make friends! She's always spunky and sassy and never lets anyone push her around. Popular with the boys cause she's quite flirty but also very sporty. Very self confident but never vain. She usually doesn't open up unless you know her well other wise she can be hard to read and can come off as mean but reality has a kind heart!
"Did you see that girl on the volley ball team ? She's a star!"

"Ya! She must be a tess"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
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