Christina is the coolest, nicest and prettiest person ever. She is very cute in both personalities and appearance. Christina is very kind, generous and she is the only person/friend that you can trust and believe in. Christina is very sporty, smart and she gives very good advice. She has the best smile and can make anyone smile. Christina is confident and always has someone's back, even if she isn't friends with that person. Christina is the best girlfriend, everybody will fall for her. She is a great kisser and has the perfect body: long and beautiful legs, gorgeous hair, skinny and elegant in every way. Christina try's her hardest in everything, she never wants a person to be or feel left out. She a.ways tries her best to make everyone happy.
1. Person: Omg is that Christina?
Boy: I wish I was her boyfriend she's so breathtaking..

2. Person: Do you know Christina?
Person: Honestly, who doesn't?

3. Everybody's got to at least meet a Christina.
by CrescentAccent January 22, 2015
Christina is an amazing girl, but doesn't get noticed. She's always willing to do things for others and never leaves time out for herself. Although her body and figure may be gorgoes, she doesn't see it that way. She's a very insecure person. She always compares herself to others. Christina is an all around amazing person, but sometimes when you go a little too far, she can turn dark real quick. There's a side to her she wish people knew. So if you know any Christina's , make them smile. Their smile is beautiful and they don't get to show it enough.
Christina looks off today, you should go talk to her.
by BurtBob4 May 29, 2017
She's the most kindest, gentle person you will ever meet. She will go out of her way to making anybody happy even if the aren't her favorite person in the world. She's so focused on keeping everybody happy she's the one that really needs all the up bringing. She may say shes OKbut on the inside she's secretly dying. So help her out of that dark void she's going through.
Friend: hey are you OK you seem distracted??
Christina: huh yah I'm OK just thinking is all, I'll be fine.
Friend: tell the truth..
Christina: being left alone with my thoughts kills me inside.
Friend: but your always so happy.
Christina: that's because I don't want anyone to see how hurt I am.

Friend: your the most brave person I know
by 17black.roses. June 26, 2017
Christina is a very caring girl. She can be a bit over dramatic at times, but is a very nice, and relatable girl, she is often called a hoe, but really only has her eye on one guy, she is always being told untrue things about herself. Boy in her age range are very rude to her, she doesn’t deserve it, but she try’s to keep her head up. She tries her best to be an amazing friend. She is always there for you when you need her the most. She can be bossy, but that’s doesn’t change how people feel about her! If you know a Christina, just remember how lucky you are to have such an amazing friend, and to her bestfriends, damn are you lucky!!!
(1) Guy: Yo! Look at her she is fucking stunning!

(2)Guy: That’s Christina! She is so sweet, and beautiful!
by PolaroidCameron February 20, 2019
Christina is a shy yet crazy girl. From afar you might think she is the quiet book worm but when you get to know her she is fiesty. People think she can't but she can and she will beat ur butt. She is beautiful inside and out. Smart and pretty. All the boys like her.
"I was talking to Christina and she was so nice."
by Yaneee August 30, 2017
Christina is an awesome person. She can be a bit mean at times but you are sure its always a joke. She is really gorgeous and is the best a giving relationship advice. Most of the time Christina is not in a relationship but gives advice on it. She is happy most of the time and is a caring person.
You are being very Christina today!
by lololimsoooooamazzinnggg March 12, 2017
One of the most gorgeous and bubbly girls you could ever meet. The moment you laid eyes on her, you'd love her. She held her faith so close to her and all she ever wanted is to make other people happy. She was an extraordinary and unique artist, and the powerful voice that came out of her little body would have you mesmerized. No matter what, being around her would put a smile on your face and make your day so much better. Christina's an angel.
Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie. We love and miss you so much . Thank you for everything you've done. Heaven really did gain another angel and I know you'll be looking down at us from above.

Christina Grimmie
March 12, 1994 - June 11, 2016
by tobin.grimmie17 June 16, 2016