Someone who resorts to underhand tactics, exploiting a system or simple cheating, is said to be very 'vies' in nature.
Mikey - Hey Scott, did you hear about what Conor did to win that tournament yesterday?

Scott - No. Why what did he do?

Mikey - He cheated to gain extra points!

Scott - Well thats a very 'vies' thing to do.
by Mr. Tursi July 16, 2012
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Visit at a prison, jail, or other correctional setting.
Inmate 1: "What are you all spiffy and smelling good for?"

Inmate 2: "Waiting for my VI to get here."
by ohsweetmaryjane September 26, 2010
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VI is a short way to say Vancover Island, located in B.C Canada.
Your from VI? Me too!

Im a VI chick, grown and raised.

I live on VI, where do you live?
by VI Girl May 02, 2005
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short form for " very interesting "

it also imply something pornographic
are you watching vi movie now?
by simon s.y xxxx May 26, 2005
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To say some thing False......
The word used to point out a clear lie....
Jody: "yeah I sucked off yo man at the party"
Jason: "thats vis, my brother is only 7"
by Jason Hightower aka J-kid August 08, 2003
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