1. short form for vincent

1. short form for virus
Vincent was attacking a guys little soldiers today.
by Annonymous March 14, 2005
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A brand of chocolate milk.

The term is often used by residents of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan as a synonym for "chocolate milk".

Vi-co was first sold in western Canada in the 1950's. For most of the product's life, it was marketed by Co-op Dairies / Dairy Producers. The Vi-co name was abolished when that company was purchased by Dairyland in 1995.
by sferris March 16, 2007
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Resi-vi, the act of doing revision/homework as commonly refered to amongst the chav population (homo-mandemos). However it can be used by regualar people in the form of text language or a spoke abreviation. Dispite this though, it originates from overuse by chavs.
Nigel: Ohhh mandem gonna do some sick resi-vi tonight?
Melvin: Nah bruv, I is ironing my hench adidas tracksuit, innit famalam!
by Melvin O'dockerty November 07, 2013
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The sixth installment of the Saw horror movie franchise, as shown by the trailer, most likely the tipping point of the series where horror changes into a heavy-handed Michael Moore style political documentary, as shown by how Jigsaw begins talking about healthcare to one of his victims.
Anybody up to watch Saw VI for halloween?

by tom.van October 10, 2009
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Een vies manneke, vettig ventje of vunzig kereltje. Vaak gebruikt in de context van seksuele handelingen of algemene omgang met het andere geslacht. Ook gebruikt bij algemene viezigheden zoals letterlijk vuil zijn etc.
Voorbeeld 1:
Kerel 1: G hebt ge het al gehoord? De Robbe heeft in twee weken al 5 eerstejaarsstudenten gepaald!
Kerel 2: Echt een vies manneke

Voorbeeld 2:
Kerel 1: Kan ik vrienden uitnodigen morgen op ons gezamelijk kot?
Kerel 2: Ik ging een chickie uitnodigen maar geen probleem, dan neem ik haar wel mee naar mijn kamer.
Kerel 1: Vies manneke
by StabiloBoss October 08, 2018
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the most fucked up thing that you will ever lay your eyes on. You will use night lights in your home for years.
You will probably piss yourself a couple times as a sideaffect... but it will will all be worth it cause after you're done, you'll go make some mixed berry smoothies in thee magic bullet(:
Pathew: "oh my god! are you cutting off your stomach fat?!"

The other guy: "yeaah.. i'm tryin' to loose some weight.."

Pathew: "you're just like that guy in Saw VI!!"

The other guy: "well you know... i try(:"
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Stands for the same as We Won and comes from Forsen's streams. Some day one of his viewers found an african pastor Lul who 1) looked hilarious 2) had lul as his name, and there you go, cancerous music, daily quest: get forsen to click this link twice and ZULUL emote.
Chat: *spams the link*
Forsen: *clicks it*
Chat: *spams Vi Von ZULUL*
by untilted October 03, 2018
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