scenery, background, a base to create something
I thought this could be an interesting setting for a comedy
by Asterios September 17, 2007
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noun In India, especially Gujarat, especially post-Modi: fixing or rigging the system/game for guaranteed outcomes.
"You just fill out the tender, I'll do the setting so that it's awarded to you."
"Need something done by the police? Tell me, I have a setting at the top level."
by gujju_fixer January 28, 2017
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To use your other hand to help you wrap all your fingers around the gripper.
Wannabe: Oi fam, I feel like I should be strong enough to close this gripper but somehow I can't.
GripMeister: You need to set it before closing it.
Wannabe: WTF is setting?
GripMeister: Use your other hand to help you wrap all your fingers around the gripper before you try to close it.
Wannabe: Oh...
GripMeister: Yeah.
by WhyAllNamesTaken August 31, 2017
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A term coined by Timothy Leary that describes psychedelic drug experiences.

The "set" is the state of mind one brings to the trip, and its factors include, current state of mind, previous drug experiences, and mood.

The "setting" refers to the surrounding events and time. These include other people present, location, and time of day.

Set and setting shows how using psychedelic drugs under different circumstances results in different trips.
Man, the first time I did acid I was freaked out, but the second time, a bunch of friends were there and it was really chill. It was a whole different set and setting.
by Izzy L. May 19, 2008
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To set it is to walk into a bar or party and "own" the place. To be the life of the party. To be the person everyone wants to chat up, buy a drink, or hook up with.

"I totally set it at The Loop last night!"

"We are going to go out tonight and set it!!"
by mmmlele October 4, 2007
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On the gang or sub-gang.
Guy: I just got some ass.

Guy 2: Put it on somethin'.

Guy: On my momma.

Guy 2: On the set?

Guy: On the set nigga.
by BlackWhiteboy March 29, 2010
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Gang, specifically a subsidiary gang. For example, Piru Bloods is a set of the Bloods Gang.
Fuck yo' bitch, fuck yo' set.
by nokianinja October 7, 2002
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