Vienna International School
The place where you go to to get two diplomas, MYP and IB, the first diploma doesn't let you get a job anywhere and the second diploma only makes your chance to get into a university slimmer.
Also, it is known for having the most spoiled, self-loving and privileged students, full of teachers who don't care about the students and a lot of money laundering staff.
You are known as a cunt if you go to this school.
VIS student: Hey
Girl: Yo, whats up
VIS student: Nothing, could I get your number?
Girl: Sure, what school you go to?
VIS student: VIS
Girl: .... bye....

VIS student: Fuck VIS
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VI is also the Roman numeral for "six." In Latin, the word for six is "sex." In the U.S., sex does not mean six; it refers to bangin', or layin' the pipe.
I'm in the club with my homies tryin get a lil V-I... -Usher "Yea"
by TLP Nightwatcher October 08, 2004
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VI is an acronym for Vaginal Intercourse.. Sex. Duh.
"was in the club wit ma homies, tryin to get a lil VI but keep it down on a low key, cuz you know how it feels" (Usher - Yeah)
by joho333 June 27, 2010
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"Drinking Cris in the VI I don't give a fuck" - Lil Jon "I don't give a fuck"
by radkow September 25, 2005
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magical energy in the Thaumcraft mod for minecraft. Below the Thaumcraft 6 version of it, it is based on certain elements, but in Thaumcraft 6, it is simply positive magical energy.
"hey can you make a ritual matrix for our altar we're gonna make"

"no, we need more Vis to do that"
by Sossololpipi November 28, 2020
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I need to borrow your computer!
Need to fix some vis.
by Ulovlig November 15, 2010
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