Someone in prison, they usually hate the clothes they wear due to their unoriginality. Making fun of them will get you spat at or murdered.
On a field trip:

Kid 1 : Hey inmate ! Yo momma dresses you funneh !

Kid 2 : I'm going home right now, you in here for 5 more years !
by Aunt Jemimas Iron Skillet March 10, 2010
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The act of two people, in any sort of prison, having intercourse at any given time.
Inmate 1-you hear about joe and bob?

Inmate 2-no
Inmate 1-they were inmating!
by Cakeless September 3, 2014
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a lifeless fuck who did something stupid and got sent to jail for fourty years for it and gets raped in the ass everynight until he gets a trial where they tell him that he has to stay in jail for the rest of his life who bhy time he dies will havfe aids, and every other disease out there
your moms best friend is an inmate in butt pirate heaven
by Dick April 30, 2004
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Fled undetected. Abandoned the person who helped you escape.
Rank: Ghost Inmate
by NovumPhoenixDuck October 17, 2020
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Sexual encounter in a public facility, involving 2 men. The catch is, that one man must deficate, while the other dips his tool in the excrement, & uses it as anal lubricant.
I went to the local YMCA for a swim, and afterwards, I couldn't shower because the stalls were so defiled from someone taking a filthy inmate a couple of minutes earlier.
by ralpho ralph October 24, 2008
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Larry Nassar’s name, given to him by the father of one of his victims.
“Inmate Nassar. Inmate Nassar. That is what your name is, and don’t you forget that.”
by ResponsibleDrinker31 September 26, 2018
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