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Some loser who catfishes people for fun and can't comprehend mama jokes, because she can't tell the difference between yo, you, you're, and your.
VI is a loser.
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An amazing being with sexy hair and even sexier moves. She. Is. A. Brawler. Who has super cool ninja/pirate skilllzz, and can probably kick your ass. What, SON?!!
-"Whoa, was that Vi?"
-"Must have been, cause I just went blind from her bad-assness!"
by boaduvet February 28, 2009
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it's a suggestion for sex. Make a "V" letter with your left hand and an "I" letter with your right hand, then put the second in the middle of the first and there you go.
Up in the club with my homies, tryna get a lil' V-I, i.e., trying to have some sex
by BeetleJuice July 20, 2005
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The text editor with which the Angels in Heaven code C.

It is small, fast, and has hundreds of time-saving features. Best of all, it doesn't ship with an annoying paper-clip that tries to tell you what to do.

vi has a steep learning curve that keeps MS using morons far away, but there is a Wintel port so that true Geeks can feel at home if the must be on an M$ box.
MS Word? Notepad? What are those? I only have time to vi.
by strongbad March 08, 2005
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