He's usually at home banging your wife at home while your away on active duty. An urban legend among drill sergeants to embarrass new recruit
"You got a girlfriend?"
"Yes sir."
"Think again she's banging Jody right now, now give me 20 each time she bangs someone this month."
by DestroyerNothe January 22, 2020
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In the Marines, a "Jody" is a generalized term meaning: any man who stays home while everyone else goes to war. He gets to enjoy all the things the Marines are missing, more specifically the Marine's girlfriend back at home while the Marine is away on active duty. The reason that they're called Jody specifically dates back to black soldiers in WWII. They took a character from old blues songs named Joe the Grinder (or Joe D. Grinder) who would steal the ladies of inmates and soldiers, and clipped his name to Jody.
That's why they say, "Jody's back home, fucking your girlfriend."
by discharge March 15, 2006
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Term in the military for the guy at home fucking your wife / girlfriend while you're deployed. Can also mean a broke dick soldier unfit for deployment who stays back and fucks your wife while you're away.

Because Jody is referred to in marching & running candences it's also slang for a candence, which are sometimes called "Jody Calls". That use would be used in plural like "sing us some jodys". The point of Jody in cadences is to compare how hard the soldier's life is vs. how easy Jody has it.

Sometimes also mispelled Jodie.
You had a good home but you left / You're right
You had a good home but you left / You're right
Jody was there when you left / You're right
Your baby was there when you left / You're right
Sound off! / 1,2
Sound off! / 3,4
Cadence count! / 1,2,3,4,1,2...3,4!
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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The guy who's back home fucking a marines girlfriend/wife while he's ass outta luck in the suck.
Ain't no use in goin back, Jody's got your girl in the sack.
by xNineInchFailx June 7, 2011
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Jody is refers to a man (often another soldier)who sleeps with other military men's wives/girlfriends while they are gone (deployed, TDY, etc).

The term "Jody" comes from the song "Jody's got your girl and gone" by Johnnie Taylor.

Every guy I know
Trying to get ahead
Working two jobs
Til you're almost dead
(You tell em)

Work your fingers
Right down to the bone
There's a cat named Jody
Sneaking around in your home

There's a cat named Jody
In every town
Spending lots of cash
And just riding around

Ride on, Jody
Ride on, ride on
With your bad self

The ashes in your ashtray
Footprints on your carpet
While you work all day
He even got the nerve
To sleep in your bed
Sit down at the table
Eat your bread

When you get home
After working hard all day
Jody's got your girl
And he don't play

I said
Ain't no sense in going home
Jody's got your girl and gone

(It ain't no sense in going home)
(You gotta get home but
You work too hard)
(It ain't no sense in going home)
(You gotta get home but
You work too hard)

Ain't no sense in going home
Jody's got your girl and gone)
I tell you, Jody's got
Your girl and gone
(Ain't no sense in going home)

When you discover
Your gross neglect
Itll be too late to
Give your woman respect

You'll hunt down Jody ?
Ten thousand dollar reward
For Jody's hide

Ain't no sense in going home
Jody's got your girl and gone
"Man, you know there ain't no point in calling home. A Jody got a girl all taken care of."

Army Cadence:
Used to date a beauty queen
Now I date my M-16
Ain't no use in lookin' down
Ain't no discharge on the ground
Ain't no use in going back
Jody's got your Cadillac
Ain't no use in calling home
Jody's got your girl and gone
Ain't no use in feeling blue
Jody's got your sister too
by J'nai February 23, 2008
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Jody is the guy that sneaks in the house while the husband/boyfriend is away/asleep to get it on with the wife/girlfriend
by Morbidlycuerious December 25, 2016
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Loyal, and the best friend you will ever have. Is badass and will do anything to help you.

Is always looking out for others but hates people who lie to her. Is always laughing for no reason and can't make her mind up for shit. Is usually athletic and a social butterfly.
I wish I could be more like Jody.
by just bcause i can July 18, 2019
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