An act that is uncool under any circumstances.
"Hey, do you want to come over today?"

"No, I can't because I have work."

"That's uber uncool man."
by Aleleekhall December 29, 2017
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Dude is your unkle an Uber Unkle, because all he does is sit by his computer all day long?
by urbanwordhunter April 10, 2010
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A particular look of confusion and impatience when someone is waiting curbside for their Uber or Lyft and they start to approach your car even though you’re not an Uber.
e.g. If you’re driving any car typically associated with an Uber or Lyft (Dark Prius etc) you will get the Uber Waiting Face. The ride seeker will give you the look and then start to approach your car.
by noticer27 July 31, 2019
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These are the tiny 8 oz water bottles that Uber drivers usually give you during a ride
Mandingo (aka Uber driver): "What's up ladies?"
Kristin: "We're about to hit up that new club and my girls are looking good tonight."
Mandingo: "Yeah your squad is on fleet. Did I say that right?"
Kristin: "Ha. It's actually on fleek!"
Mandingo: "Anyway, there's some water for you in the drink holders."
Kristin: "Omg. I gotta Instagram these little Uber waters. Loves them"
water solo cup uber lyft
by bringmethechicken November 27, 2015
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the ultra death-skank of uber-doom (or UDSUD) is a technique of skanking invented by a highschooler named nate used to skank in mosh pits withouth hXc dancing.

can also be used to smash people's balls in or give them a dead leg so you can grab whatever you are trying to get from them (ex: bag of weed) and yell YOINK and then run away really fast
dude! nate just used the ultra death-skank of uber-doom on ezra again because i think he said something about his sister and had to get an unfair advantage to run away because of his stoner asthma!
by ledhead7389 May 7, 2007
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