An untalented tattoo artist. A tattoo artist who scratches up your skin rather than applying a clean smooth looking tattoo.
Mannn those cats at body tattoo are scratchers.
by sacred357 December 12, 2003
An instant lottery ticket, sold everywhere. You scratch off the covering over numbers/symbols to see if the ticket wins any prizes.
It was a good night for Tom, 27 bucks in tips. He couldn't resist the instant lottery machine as he walked past, so he stuck in a 10 and bought five $2 scratchers.
by OldFart77 November 3, 2007
Bed. Where one might sleep.
I need to hit the scratcher cuz I'm knackered.
by jane April 7, 2005
An inexperienced, untalented, unclean and untrained tattooer. Though usually found working out of home kitchens, they have been known to find work in disreputable tattoo shops. The word "Scratcher" comes from the look of the, so called "tattoos", they produce. Looking more like colored scratchs, than recognizable images.
"Dang man, I got a tat-gun. I'll hook you up in my trailer for a case'a'bud" Phrase frequently used by scratchers
by Bottlevsface December 23, 2005
A tattoo artist who is untrained and usually can't tatoo worth a shit. They frequently place their clients health at risk by re-using needles, not sterilizing equipment, and not covering their machines.
"Wow, that tattoo looks all splotchy and blurred. You're artist is a fucking scratcher!"
by NChick1987 December 5, 2005
a girl typically that instead of or along with screamin moaning ect scratches your back chest legs etc while getting sexed up
my girlfriend is a great scratcher
by TAF119 March 16, 2009
A witty, informative and urbane internet forum member, who brings light to dark days and joy to the banal and bored.
Oh great, another 'scratcher' posting to cheeer me up!
by No Expert July 1, 2004