A Swiss made watch famous for its quality and price. Rolex watches are most famous for the "Oyster case" milled from a single piece of metal. The case has a screw-down back and a screw-down crown that makes it inpenetrable by the elements.
Most Rolex watches are automatic wind, meaning that a semi-circular disc inside the watch turns with the slightes movement of the wrist thus winding the watch. Older Rolexes are also manual wind. These mechanical watches tick five times per second thus giving the illusion of a sweeping seconds hand. This feature is often seen as the distinguishing mark of an authentic Rolex. There are, however, Oysterquartz Rolexes that are powered by batteries. These watches tick once per second but they are authentic Rolexes nonetheless.
Rolexes come in various models. The lowest priced are "Air Kings" and the higher-priced Rolexes are Presidents, Daytona's and other exclusive models. Rolexes range in price from about $3,000 to more than $100,000.
Rolex watches are made of stainless steel and solid 18k white or yellow gold, or a combination of both. While the mechanisms are virtually identical in both the lowest- and highest-priced Rolexes, the higher costs of the priciest Rolexes is due to features such as entirely gold cases and bracelets, meteorite dials and diamonds and other precious stones on the dials, bracelets and bezels.
Authentic Rolexes are indeed a status symbol because of their price. They are recognized worldwide and considered the mark of someone who demands only the best.
The most popular Rolex models are the gold and stainless steel Datejust, the Rolex Submariner -- which can withstand diving depths of up to 1000 feet -- and the Rolex Explorer, which was used in 1953 on the Expedition to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Other models include the Sea-Dweller, Date, Air King, Day-Date, Daytona, etc.
Happiness is wearing a "Rolex."
Rolexes are only for people who want the best.
by Beastman95112 January 12, 2006
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The infamous luxury watch known for it's extremely high price, constant replication, and continuous second hand. Rolex's are often considered to be the mark of a nouveu-riche, or new money. These people often like to overspend and show off their money by buying flashy clothes and jewelry. People who have had money for a long time tend to buy watches that are much more expensive but look like ordinary watches.
"Rolexes are for rappers and lottery winners."
by Jimiisama March 11, 2005
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Rolex is a company known for evading taxes by being a charity, having the most robotised watch production process that produces approx. 1 million watches every year, disallowing boutiques and authorised dealers from stocking certain watch models in order to cause intentional inflation, producing on average 2,000 watches per day, purchasing their watch movement supplier Aegler and bracelet supplier Gay Frères in order to become a 'true in-house manufacture' – obviously a false claim. Being one of the most secretive and privatised companies in the world and having shady business practices which are hidden by the company and that the Swiss government refuses to and doesn't do anything about. Most of Rolex's popularity comes from false claims and beliefs alongside tons of advertising - 'the first self-winding/automatic wristwatch' - that claim is false. Credit for that goes to John Harwood who was awarded a patent for developing the first self-winding/automatic wristwatch in 1924. Rolex took a self-winding watch design implemented by Perrelet in pocket watches to implement in wristwatches. The first waterproof wristwatch - credit for that goes to Francois Borgel who patented the first waterproof watch case design in 1891. The first COSC certified wristwatch - before Rolex no wristwatch had been submitted for COSC certification (resulting in a false belief related to quality.) Rolex commercialised technology and innovations which already existed claiming them as their own
Do I need to explain in more detail as to why Rolex is so overrated?
by WatchEnthusiast July 6, 2018
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a very pricy watch commonly given as an award for working at a company for 10-20 years also the watch on my wrist right now.
jim, please report to my (your boss) office to recive your rolex as a 15 year award.
by exicalibur January 22, 2007
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verb, The act of wrapping ones penis around the wrist like a watch in order to trick another person into looking at ones dong. Commonly used with a question to the intended victim.
"have you seen my new rolex?"
by KungFu April 1, 2005
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High-maintenance flashy individual that needs to go in for a good cleaning every two years.
1)He used to date a real rolex but dumped her last year. She had problems.

2)She crashed like Paris Hilton. A real rolex.
by cosmikekid July 11, 2008
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where have you been? Rolex baby.
by aleda rickey September 15, 2008
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