Adj- Of large calibur or extremely significant.

Usually used in a sentence degrading someone for their lack of skill or other failure in some task.
You got all types of fucked up!
That washing machine is all types of broken.
The sky is all types of blue.
by truespeak? November 8, 2004
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Anything and everything that exists or could possibly exist, that is amazing and of mass quantity.
Tom: Are you going to the party? Did you bring all types?
Britt: Buddy, All types of types!!
by Tom Waldock November 26, 2007
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An awesome new phrase that will endure throughout the ages.
"All types of drat!" said Strong Bad.

"I am scheming all types of drat."
by fuckedurgf November 1, 2019
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a group of girls that go to camp louise in cascade maryland. they are the second session counselor assistants and became very sick through the one month period they stayed at camp.
hana left twice with two different kinds of sickness because she was the epitome of all types of sick
by iloveyougirlssomuch August 17, 2009
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