A word used to described something stupid, boring, or just plain retarded. It can be used to call someone stupid.
"You know that kid in biology class? He's such a turnip."
by Fionafiasco May 09, 2008
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To get drunk (as in turn up) but not rage. To turn up in solitude, generally lamely.
"Wanna get a drink in the basement and play pong by ourselves?"

"Yeah, let's turnip!"
by The Turnt Gardener March 21, 2014
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Becoming high on marijuana or "turning up". Using illegal drugs to drift off into space and go to the moon. The user will be laughing a lot and making no sense.
"We ate the turnips."
"Thank the lord for turnip farmers."
"Lets go smoke some turnips."
by TheJalen June 30, 2013
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Turnip is not a vegetable. Oh lord no! It is the only word that can be used among your friends to describe a guy/girl that is a extremely attractive, hot, good looking, yummy, God created a miracle for the eyes individual.

This kind of turnip is sweet, and is good eye candy. The only recipe you need for this turnip is the courage to say hi!
Girl: Oh my God, I just saw the cutest turnip!

Friend: The tall one or short one?

Girl: You know I love tall turnips!

Tall Turnip thoughts: "why are they talking about veggies? Must be vegetarians"
by Cutexraygirl May 03, 2018
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Tur-nip (pronounced Turn-up)
1) A person whom nobody really likes who always seems to show up to events even though no one ever invited them.

Intransitive verb
2) to show up as if magically
1) I.E. Gerlin is such a Turnip, who in the heck keeps inviting him?
2)Person 1: Damn I lost my spliff!!
Person 2: No worries that shiot always Turnip!
by XLNC526 August 30, 2019
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When I bathe my dog, I make sure to get in there and really clean out her turnip.
by Phil July 29, 2003
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