A word used to described something stupid, boring, or just plain retarded. It can be used to call someone stupid.
"You know that kid in biology class? He's such a turnip."
by Fionafiasco May 10, 2008
To get drunk (as in turn up) but not rage. To turn up in solitude, generally lamely.
"Wanna get a drink in the basement and play pong by ourselves?"

"Yeah, let's turnip!"
by The Turnt Gardener March 21, 2014
Becoming high on marijuana or "turning up". Using illegal drugs to drift off into space and go to the moon. The user will be laughing a lot and making no sense.
"We ate the turnips."
"Thank the lord for turnip farmers."
"Lets go smoke some turnips."
by TheJalen June 30, 2013
A person with a humorless, lifeless and ignorant personality. One who does not tolerate anything silly or fun. Rude and anti-social, often controlling of people who do not conform to be as much of a boring, flavorless turnip as they are.
"That girl has the personality of a turnip, she doesn't even like family guy!"

"She's turning her boyfriend into a turnip too, he never comes out anymore"
by nomoreturnipspls September 30, 2011
When I bathe my dog, I make sure to get in there and really clean out her turnip.
by Phil July 29, 2003
Turnip is a new form of STD that was just discovered. The symptoms are different for each sex. A women gets large red bumps all around her vag and when popped a green puss oozes every where. A man will have his dick fall off and it will become a short little turnip and your sperm transforms into the green puss. Warning- the puss is highly acidic.
Dude that striper last night had turnips! Didn't you see the green stuff on the pole?

Man now I am goint to be made fun of, my dick is now even smaller, and it kinda smells
by Skiters April 1, 2011
Large feces
also used to describe something that is horrible, of no use or plain no good.
This t.v. programme is turnip!" or "The dog has just done a turnip on the rug!
by The Turnipator June 16, 2010