the most hip way to say "good night", thats different from your standard "gn".
I'm mad tired, I think I'll go to sleep. goint
by nordvpn June 6, 2021
Semen:male reproduceing unit.
Busted: exploded with semen.
awing in amazement.
Beeing suprised with happiness.
Elated: very excited.
Caught in utter disbeleif and shocked.
I gointed all over her face
by Joseph Burns April 17, 2006
Going+Joint = Goint
Hey man i needagoint” (go smoke joint).
by ChromieHomie May 5, 2022
1. Goint is a sexual practice when a male has sex with a female and invites a homosexual to pound the female in the ass. The homosexual is the "gointer" and the woman (or 3rd man in some circles) is the "gointee:

2. A gay point. Gay+point=goint.
M. Toothaker: Hey generically gay man, are you free tonight, my girlfriend and I are going to have intercourse and I was wondering if you would like to goint her.
Generically gay man: Yes, I will be your gointer

Matt: Ah, Jimmy, you lost the game, now you have to be the gointee. I will have sex with you first and Nate will be the gointer.
Jimmy: Damn
Nate: Sweet

Matt: You scored a gay goal, goint for Nate!
by James Macone April 27, 2011