1) Drifting is NEVER the fastest way around a corner unless the optimal line is for whatever reason unatainable (i.e. theres a car in your way; potholes or other poor driving surfaces; you just messed up and missed the entry point) or track conditions don't allow for good lines (see Rally racing, the original drifters)

2) Drifting IS usefull in race-type situations, on the street and on the track, to rotate the car and achieve a better corner line than would otherwise be possible.

3) Power oversteer is NOT drifting unless all 4 wheels slip during some part of the turn. Otherwise, it's just power oversteer, and a damn handy tool to have when you need to rotate yourself or hit something.

4) There is NOTHING wrong with initiating a slide with the e-brake, despite what people will tell you. Especially in a front-drive car. If it's good enough for Petter Solberg, it's good enough for me.

5) Drifting IS fun. Hell, any reason to go sideways while throwing up clouds of smoke is something that every enthusiast should jump on.

6) Contrary to #5, it is NOT cool to try drifting through your quiet suburban neighborhood at any tim, because that is how idiots with more horsepower than brains end up hitting people/trees/cats/lawn gnomes etc.

And remember, racing on the street is stupid. If you can't find a road course in your area, try empty parking lots, otherwise stay home.
Rally drivers use drifting techniques to drive back-country roads at speeds that would leave you very dead.
by Eternityinabox June 13, 2006
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Drift: What your mind does after some real good weed.
by Shmivel August 24, 2003
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1. meaning, intent

2. a controlled sidewards skid

3. to leave
by The Return of Light Joker June 12, 2009
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it would seem that most people trying to define the term drift here are either people who look at drifting in somewhat of a negative view, or people who think they know all about drifting because they watch initial D alot.It would also seem that all,if not most of these people are americans.
take it from someone who knows drifting, not because it's popular in their country,and not because they have seen it on a cool looking cartoon. drifting in australia is not very big, and that's the way we like it. i have drifted effectively,and i have also written off a car in the proccess of drifting once. from the over use of the word "ricer" i can tell that most of these people take drifting as somesort of an ego trip thing,and that drifting in america is quite big, thus making many people think they are down because they go to the battles and watch the cartoons.try it for real and see how you go.
DRIFTING IS: The art of driving a car sideways through a corner whilst maintaining effective wheelspin.
it started underground.keep it that way.
'i'm a drifter because i called someone a ricer for talking about drifting'.....that's NOT how it goes.

by legitimate business man July 17, 2005
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An advanced driving technique used mainly for show in which the driver maintains oversteer through balance of throttle and steering inputs. It is the latest trend to be slowly taken over by automotive posers (Ricers). Because of this, you see many "dRifT ThUgZ," who are no more than idiot posers who watch too much Initial D and think yanking the E-brake around the street is a drift. Go Away.
"Yo, he did a mad drift, yo in da hood I'm a faggot gangsta please give me penis" <- WRONG.
by Lonely Doridori January 11, 2004
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to follow a persons conversation as their mind drifts to a different yet somehow connected thought
by Drezdyn February 22, 2004
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A controlled loss of control
a car drifts round the track in control of the drift but the drift is a loss of control
by jack cl January 5, 2011
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