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Another way of typing 1337, l33t, leet, etc.
Omg. That was leat. Very leat.
by Phil August 9, 2004
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short for Tight Ass Pants--lotta really shitty looking people wearing TAP. can also be a good thing (when chicks wear them)
"damn dude...that chick's wearing T.A.P."

"haha look at that mod kid with T.A.P."

"man wtf is up with skaters and their T.A.P."
by Phil April 24, 2005
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used to describe an object or event that was hot, happening, sexy, (or three all combined)
that night was swedish
swedish! (to mean sounds good)
we were so swedish last game
by Phil October 29, 2004
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Frinton is a small boring seaside town in essex that is stuck in a time warp, it is chav infested thop none of them are hard. when the streets arn't being partrolled by chavs they are being partrolled old ladies
I used to have the misfortune of living in Frinton!
instead of Im bored you say :im Frintoned
by Phil February 4, 2005
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When someone says something stupid and you don't agree you just yell punt in there face to let them know that what they said has no meaning to you.
Wes says "Dude, i loved that movie Crossroads!"
Phil says "PUNT!"

Phil says "I kicked your ass racing!"
Wes says "PUNT!"
by Phil March 12, 2004
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to completly humiliate yourself using crazy tacticts such as eating your own shit, or exposing yourself to a older man secretly wishing the old man spent time in prison, and would role play what those lonely nights behind bars was like with you
one time i was at my friend pauls house, and he was all like feeling bad about himself so he was all like "hey phil, will you...i mean, um...well please dirty darrow me, that will make me feel better" so obviously i was all like 'sure bro" so i shit on a plate and slowly fed it to him like he was a child that was unable to feed himself due to some fatal illness or disease if you will. i also fucked him in the ass. it was awesome.
by Phil March 13, 2004
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