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A little emotional pussy that sits there all fucking morose for no reason other than it is the IN thing to do, It's now cool to be a pathitc little fuck
A lot of the little pussies you see these days.
by Phil February 13, 2005
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website where wankers can rate their favorite pornstars.
look for me on ePornReview. my name on there is Creamer
by Phil April 15, 2005
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see spic

a person from spain or portugal
jose: que pasa holmes! check out that euro spic ese Hernando!

juan: si homie. ay holmes, go back to europe, eh? eh pass me the weedo el smokero jose.
by Phil May 6, 2005
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To undress someone by staring at them constantly, and annoyingly.
Im tired of being eyefucked by that staring son of a bitch.
by Phil February 3, 2007
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an ISP. you still get barraged by ads, banners and adware even though you have to pay 30$ a month for the service. shows how stupid america is because they are the biggest ISP.
America: is earthlink good? i'm thinking about switching to it.
by Phil January 27, 2005
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trojan horse

A devious sexual act whereby the male pokes a small hole in the tip of the condom before intercourse <<<<<<
Women who believe their boyfriends are cheating on them do that... so if they are... they get the bitch pregnant
See that you add my other definition... Thank you
by Phil December 7, 2004
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Being True.
A measure of how true someone/something is.
Also used to describe someone/something.
Sometimes used to intimidate posers when totally shit-faced.
"Chris is such a trueness."
"Look at the trueness radiating off him!"
"My friend's band is so true, they don't even play their instruments"
"My trueness just got a huge boost, i got all the darkthrone re-releases!"
"Alex just bought another football jersey he is so untrue!!"
by Phil April 16, 2005
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