Generic name for any useless consumer gadget of the sort frequently sold on late-night infomercials. Commonly sold together with a tomato musher. Originally from the comic strip Bloom County. Opus was powerless to resist late-night TV hucksters and ended up with a living room full of turnip twaddlers.
"We'll sell you this amazing turnip twaddler for $29.95! But wait! There's more! We'll throw in this tomato musher ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now how much would you pay?"
by bikergeek November 6, 2012
(Noun). When you get severe sunburn on your face that is really dark and makes you look like a turnip.
Joe had turnip face after the football game on Saturday.
by the katkoko October 11, 2009
A Pākehā (white or non-Māori) New Zealander.

From the root words 'Pā' meaning to strike or hit, and 'keha', meaning a turnip.
Those turnip slappers sure love investing in properties and listening to Mike Hosking on the radio
by PopiMokorahi March 22, 2021
the turnip king was a tyrant. he lived in a castle made of dirt and ruled over all the vegetables. one day the farmer came and took the turnip king. the turnip king said "you can not eat me. i am the turnip king" but the farmer did not listen and he made the turnip king into soup. the vegetables stormed the castle and took the turnip queen, the turnip taughter, and the bastard son and left them out for the rabbits. the vegetables were then ruled by an elected potato.
by josh March 26, 2004
Metaphorical vehicle bringing rubes to Gotham. One who falls off the truck is hopelessly naive.
You know, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! I know stuff about the Big City.
by octopod May 30, 2004
A word to describe someone who eats turnips in Animal Crossing to show off that they can afford to eat their turnips rather than sell them. (usually because they couldn’t find a good price but still want something to brag about)
Lucy: how much did you sell your turnips for this week?
Dave: oh, I didn’t need to sell them, I ate them.

Lucy: shut the fuck up Dave, you fucking turnip-eater
by Demonslayer64 May 3, 2020
Damn, all I have in my wallet is a dirty turnip, I've got to get rid of it. No one likes a dirty turnip!
by Sydneysider11 September 25, 2011