Function: noun
Etymology: probably from 1turn + neep; from the well-rounded root
1 a : either of two biennial herbs of the mustard family with thick edible roots: (1) : one (Brassica rapa rapifera) with usually flattened roots and leaves that are cooked as a vegetable (2) : RUTABAGA b : the root of a turnip
2 : a large pocket watch
I ate a turnip.


I looked at my turnip to tell the time.
by Jack Byers February 24, 2004
when someone has very big nipples that are like mountains on the chest
wow scott! youve got some big turnips!
by timmy and jimmmy July 6, 2011
Derogatory name for a Bristol City supporter.
As thick as the root vegetable, has nothing useful to say and as interesting as digging one out of the ground!
You didn't get promoted again???
When will you turnip inbreds ever learn?
by argyle-ive July 8, 2004
To 'turnip'

The act of turnipping is lying face down, with both arms stretched together at a point infront of you whilst having your legs bent beneath you giving a 'turnip like' shape.
Last night, whilst turnipping, I was raped by a mountain goat.
by StarfishJ September 25, 2010
Someone who is judgment-proof, having no assets or regular income.

From the saying, "You can't get blood from a turnip." If you sue a "turnip," you will probably win, and get a judgment, but you will have no way to collect on it.
I'd sue that son of a bitch, and I'd win, too. But he's a turnip; what's the point.
by s%mebody March 21, 2012
rubbish - very low quality - something without value -
have you ever seen `underbelly` ? - its totally turnip.

thats more turnip than a normal can shake a stick at
by merk hunter May 4, 2008
Very much a "root" vegetable, used in BlackAdder TV series with penile overtones. May descend from use of navo in Spanish.
Suck my turnip!
by Ian Chode April 2, 2003