someone who seems like they have no life in them anymore. whether they are depressed or hungover or have a cold etc...

the life has been drained out of them
friend: you seem rather unhappy today...
Person: yeah i guess im just feeling a bit lifeless today
friend: oh fair enough
by the wind is changing September 1, 2005
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without life or felling of lifeless ness
bob- im lifeless

anna- why do you say tht

bob- because i feel as tho i have no life to live

anna- ooh
by gone_without_a_trace March 30, 2011
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A person who doesn't have an identity in Second Life.
Megan's on facebook, but she's lifeless.
by JavaJaneOhio July 30, 2010
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Homeboy 1:"That dude's lifeless, he needs to take a back seat."

Homeboy 2: "Yeah, it's just a ride..."
by TuDee November 9, 2010
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An inanimate object that is strapped to your back thus weighing you down.
Sorry I'm late for class. This lifeless yoda must weigh 50 pounds.
by DuckFarts February 8, 2010
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