Noun. From the French word for "wrong," it is an act or omission that, while (usually) not criminal, hurts someone else physically, financially, or otherwise, and allows the injured party to sue whoever did it. Tort suits can provide lots of money for lawyers.
After that idiot hit me with his car, my hospital bill was $100,000. I'm going to bring a tort suit against him.
by E. D. M. March 1, 2009
A PURE crack head, Junkie. etc. this person loves nothing more then getting so fucked up that he can not even think.
Christian- Peter you Tort

Peter- Brrrr give me a BLASTTT

Christian- You fucking tort.
by DCONZ January 13, 2010
An individual who is highly Americanized and typically behaves in an uncultured way.
"No tort can take down a 2-6 of vodka and still come out alive."
"Abercrombie shorts, American Eagle shirt, and Hurley shoes...what a tort."
by czvezda October 22, 2012
Another way of calling someone fat. Tort is short for the spanish word "Torta" which is food.
Dang that girl is cute but too bad shes a tort
by Lawlerskater88 November 28, 2009
'That one's a total tort, she works a clip-joint!'
by Londheart January 7, 2021
A man who loves their country and is often found saluting to the national anthem or doing other such patriotic acts.
Wow, that Ian is such a tort!
by Nathan Cleeter October 14, 2021