1. moving or proceeding with little or less than usual speed or velocity.
2. taking or requiring a comparatively long time for completion.
3. a person who is stupid, lazy, or ineffective in some way
noun- tort
verb- torting
adjective- torted
you could describe someone as torting or call someone tort.
example 1: come on jay pass it, your tortin on that shit.
example 2: lets go tort, your always one step behind.
by sarah a. June 27, 2007
tortilla tossing; throwing tortillas into the yards of your enemies, friends, or random strangers until their yard is covered in tortillas, then driving away into the night unnoticed.
I have an excessive amount of tortillas left over from the fiesta, let's go torting later tonight!
by wildebeast April 8, 2012
(Noun). A child's fart, usually associated with a tonkle. Torting and tonkling combine to form a torkle.
Uh oh, I think little Justin just torted!
by Dan St. Aubin March 6, 2006
Trick or Treating; A way to shorten it so you don't have to spell it all out because you're lazy. ;o
LemonSonic: Sweet! Hey dude, You wanna go torting with me and my friends?

Shoeboxmoments x: Naah... That's for babies... :\

LemonSonic: Then come with us. ;
by Nintendoid :] October 24, 2007
German for 'hot ass.' Bar lingo.
Hey, torte get back here.
(Hey torte, komm mal hier zu mir)
by Michael W Jordan November 9, 2006