A 700 mL bottle of liquor. Primarily a Canadian term.
I drank a 2-6 of vodka last night and ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.
by SCMA May 25, 2006
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26 is the numerical designation given to prisoners transfered into state and federal penitentiaries from Fayetteville, NC and the wider Cumberland County area.
"Man, them dopefiends in the 2-6 be schiesty as fuck."

Father-In-Law: "You should be careful going on that side of town after dark."
Son-in-law: "I'm from the 2-6, you gotta be careful there in the daylight."
by EazyGreezy July 10, 2021
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a 2 6 is about 750 mL or 2 mickeys (375 mL x 2)
It is also 24 oz
a 2 6 of vodka is 750 mL
by mcg3o December 19, 2007
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another term for a small bottle of scotch
booze scotch
"Dude that 2 6 got me wasted last night!"
by jroddupe November 17, 2006
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The wild west studios shuts down and there is no update.
2/6/2021 poggers
by MemeFr0st February 6, 2021
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A stupid joke middle schoolers use to get someone to say I want to have sex
Hey! read this

i 1 2 1/2 6

by My name's Bobby joe December 9, 2015
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