A 700 mL bottle of liquor. Primarily a Canadian term.
I drank a 2-6 of vodka last night and ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.
by SCMA May 25, 2006
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26 is the numerical designation given to prisoners transfered into state and federal penitentiaries from Fayetteville, NC and the wider Cumberland County area.
"Man, them dopefiends in the 2-6 be schiesty as fuck."

Father-In-Law: "You should be careful going on that side of town after dark."
Son-in-law: "I'm from the 2-6, you gotta be careful there in the daylight."
by EazyGreezy July 10, 2021
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a 2 6 is about 750 mL or 2 mickeys (375 mL x 2)
It is also 24 oz
a 2 6 of vodka is 750 mL
by mcg3o December 19, 2007
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another term for a small bottle of scotch
booze scotch
"Dude that 2 6 got me wasted last night!"
by jroddupe November 17, 2006
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The wild west studios shuts down and there is no update.
2/6/2021 poggers
by MemeFr0st February 6, 2021
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Something you will type when you want to put the alphabet but your on iPad so you drag the letters down and get this.

You also will search it up to find this
This is what you did to find this
You: I should probably search something random
*types in @/+$3&*(8)’”:;9014#57=2-6%*
You: Cool!
by The Kawaii One January 13, 2018
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