Torting is to hit the booty of a goat while screaming "I'M GONNA SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER" at the top of your lungs. Future tense: will tort, past tense: torted.
"Okay, stand up, you can sit down cause Im gonna start. Torting is hitting the booty of a goat while screaming Chandelier by Sia at the top of your lungs, kay?"
by moonfuzzwolf05152 July 26, 2018
Chipotle worker- “What can I get for you?”
Customer- “A tortilla with sour cream. “
Chipotle worker- “Pours massive load of sour cream on tortilla.”
Customer- “More sour cream, I call it a sour tort!!”
by Honcho bill January 5, 2019
A couple that will be together for such a long time to the point where people start saying "Damn, they're still together?"
1: "Wow! They've been together for such a long time!"
2:"Yeah, definitely a Lazy Tort!"
by Lol It's Lucy BRUH January 30, 2017
Made through the act of shoving one's fist up another's butt. Once removed, you've created a chocolate torte.
Jeremy made a delicious chocolate torte with Claire last night. She could barely walk today.
by Jboyfresh August 23, 2015
Any generic "Pop Tart" like products sold as a substitute good for the same. A breakfast pastry for those shunning Veblen goods at breakfast.
Hey Caleb, pass me one of those Kroger brand peep torts.
by Milton's Opus March 11, 2017
cheese covered tortilla cooked open face and crisp to perfection in a toaster oven.

never rolled like a taquito.

nothing like a folded quesadilla.
"Man this hot lunch is whack! When i get home i am making my mom make me a cheese tort."
by pooprat February 17, 2009