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A group of males will conduct a experiment to see if testosterone levels increase by not wanking for the longest period of time that they can, bets can be placed to see can hold out the longest, if however you or a fellow group member does ejaculate or shake his penis more then five times this is counted as ruining the experiment and therefore that person loses and is "out"and finally if someone else happens to do either of these things to you then that is also counted as you being "out". if you are "out" due to one of this reasons you must announce to everyone that you are out by saying "whiskey"
Did you hear about Bob he whiskeyed his way out of the group .

He was not watching what he was doing and shaked it more thne five times.

We really should not whiskey ... otherwise everyone will know.

To whiskey was a bad thing to do last night
by Science experiment August 19, 2012
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