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You get home tired an u sit down in front of the TV with a bud, u say : aaaaaahhh cushty.
by Godfather July 15, 2003
Mrs. Barth and her gay ass son.
Ryan saw Mrs. Barth and her gay ass son in the gay bar.
by Godfather September 1, 2004
A rude, malicious, tyrannical person who took advantage of Natural Selection's best modder (see wordVoogru/word). Was known to use cheats that was accidentally implemented into NSAdmin. In the end, he was ousted by Voogru and the community of voogru.com. Upon his ousting, he deliberately stooped to the intelligence level capable of a 3rd grader, using ban threats, IRC insults, and even threatening to call the FBI on people in false accusations.

Commonly seen with lapdogs kittymor and Landshark, and his prepubescent idiot of a son, Prince Kahuna.

Also seen in urbandictionary.com making up false stories so bad, the critics want to hold a .357 to their head screaming "END IT NOW!"

Synonyms: wordasshat/word
NSPlayer: Hey King, where did you get that stuff? Half of that isn't researched yet!
KingKahuna: nsa_ban NSPlayer
by Godfather September 4, 2003
A remote administration tool developed by the cdc which allows a user to control a computer across a tcpip connection.

In simpler terms, it gives someone more control over a computer than the person sitting at the console, and the person at that box has next to no way of detecting Back Orifice once it's been installed on the computer.

Back Orifice gives control of such things including, but not limited to: the file system, the computer's processes and registry, and any multimedia devices attached (webcams, etc.). A hacker would also be able to retrieve almost any information cached by the OS, including any passwords that are used by the computer's owner/operator.

The only real cure for a computer infected with Back Orifice would be to reformat your hard drive, since BO can be configured to attach itself to just about everything.
-My company's network administrator installed Back Orifice on all of our network computers so that he would have a greater amount of control over them.

-Awww, shit! I picked up Back Orifice somewhere and now I've lost all my files to some god-damn hacker.
by Godfather July 16, 2005
Usually used to refer to the head of an Sicilian crime family/organization (Mafia). Being someone's Godfather was a great honor in Sicilian culture, and he was expected to help in the upbringing of the baptized child, almost like a third parent.

The head of a criminal organization would look over all it's members in the same way, while he might not be related to any of them.

The term Godfather didn't really catch on until the movie(s) were released.
The Godfather settled all disputes within the family.
by Godfather June 29, 2005
Meaning bitch but sounds better.
Damn bitchlit gf doesnt wanna do it without a condom
by Godfather July 15, 2003