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Meaning bitch but sounds better.
Damn bitchlit gf doesnt wanna do it without a condom
by Godfather July 15, 2003
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Usually used to refer to the head of an Sicilian crime family/organization (Mafia). Being someone's Godfather was a great honor in Sicilian culture, and he was expected to help in the upbringing of the baptized child, almost like a third parent.

The head of a criminal organization would look over all it's members in the same way, while he might not be related to any of them.

The term Godfather didn't really catch on until the movie(s) were released.
The Godfather settled all disputes within the family.
by Godfather June 29, 2005
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In some regions, refers to marijuana, or more specifically, a blunt.
He fired up his chuba and chilled out on the porch.
by Godfather June 29, 2005
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(1)A drink that often burns when consumed by itself, but goes good mixed with various sodas (see: pepsi, coke, 7-up) and sometimes even water. Straight shots are smoother if chilled, and some whiskeys such as Seagram's Seven can be consumed straight by even those with the weakest stomachs.

(2)A drink which makes old men's I.Q.s increase exponentially after every shot, eventually leading to a bar full of omniscient men who can't even begin to consider that for once they might just be wrong.

(3)Something good to come out of Canada.
Beer gives me headaches, so this was my only alternative.

I can afford to drink Crown Royal!

Shit...someone run to town and get another case of pepsi.
by Godfather August 7, 2004
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Mrs. Barth and her gay ass son.
Ryan saw Mrs. Barth and her gay ass son in the gay bar.
by Godfather September 1, 2004
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Total suckdom

- Rorsach -
• Dude, come play RvS in ma room
- No dude, I can't, my comp is fucked up
• bahness
by Godfather January 5, 2004
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One addicted to films.
"I love films, I consider myself a bit of a cinephile..."
by Godfather March 11, 2005
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