The act of ejaculating into your hand then smacking the person you just got done having sex with across the face with the ejaculate-filled hand, as though you were in an aftershave commercial.
She said she wanted my cum on her face, so I gave her the aftershave.
by go_lanche May 16, 2006
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Amyl nitrate, better known as poppers. Popular amongst ravers, teenagers and the gay community.
"Hey dude, did you bring the aftershave?"
"Ohhh, wowwww tehehehe!"
by T-C March 25, 2007
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The odor left on ones face after having a putrid smelling hockey glove pressed into it.
That hoser took some whacks at our goalie after the whistle so I had to give him a dose of the Canadian Aftershave, eh?
by DJ Hotpocket May 1, 2016
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A sexual act.
When a woman is having sex with a man, abruptly stops, pees on her hand and slaps the man.

The reverse of this act is Canary Blush
I was having sex with Sue last night and for no reason she gave me a lemonade aftershave
by DeltaSpence February 23, 2010
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When someone emits a combination of strong unpleasant odors it can be said that they are wearing Utica aftershave. While these unpleasant odors can vary from person to person, there are chief odors that remain consistent: stale or wet tobacco, alcohol, body odors such as flatulents and sweat and dirty clothes are often trademarks of the "Utica aftershave" aroma. Despite its overt references to the pejoritave, the term often implies fraternal bonding and serves as a reflection of irony all Uticans possess. Utica is often lambasted as the most undesirable city in New York state, and Uticans who are well aware of their inferior status have learned to turn the art of self-deprecation into a form of indirect pride (when they put themselves down it is as if they are saying, "We know we are a sorry lot, but if we excel at anything it's at being a sorry lot").
friend #1: Man, I'm ready to go find some chicks today.
friend #2: Yeah, I can tell you're ready for some action. You got your new shoes on and you're wearing that Utica aftershave.
friend #2: Man, screw you!
friend #1: Dang! You stink.
friend #2: Man, screw you!

friend #1: Man, I stink today. I'm wearing my Utica aftershave.
friend #2: Me too. I didn't wear deodorant so I guess I'm wearing Utica aftershave too.
friend #1: We should distill this odor somehow and market it as Utica aftershave. I bet we could make a million dollars.
friend #2: They would have to sell it in the bad hygiene department.
by Jamallerian September 29, 2007
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Everybody needs a shooter that's why they make aftershave in so many colours. No other easier way to buy alcohol.
Why do they make aftershave in so many colours? So the poor(homeless) can have aftershave shooters.
by slightly sarcastic December 31, 2011
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After a man has freshly shaved his genital area, a woman (usually of older age) goes down on him with a lit cigarette in her mouth.
Guy 1: "Hey man, what did you do yesterday?"

Guy 2: "Not much. Your aunt Rosie gave me a musty aftershave at the motel downtown."
by SOCIALISTdonut June 9, 2017
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