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A mysterious creature long thought to be extinct until December of 2009. The Snooki is now very famous, but no one has any idea why. The wild Snooki is somewhere between 4-5 feet tall with dark orange skin and hair that is poofed up at the top, and speaks in incoherent gibberish. The Snooki has been spotted in seaside heights, New Jersey, Miami, Florida, and Florence Italy. While the origins of the Snooki are unknown, it claims to be of Italian descent and from New Jersey, but it is most likely of Mexican descent (this may explain the fabled chupacabra) and from New York. The wild Snooki is predatory in nature and ususlly hunts at sleazy night clubs that are overpopulated by spiky-haired, Ed Hardy wearing douchebags. The wild Snooki's preferred method of killing it's prey is to rape males(a ritual which it calls smush -smush), using it's myriad of STDs to kill them. The Snooki's diet is made up almost entirely of alcohol and semen. If attacked by a Snooki, the most effective way of getting rid of it is to punch it in the face. Recently, a creature thought to be related to the Snooki has been discovered, called the Deena. The Deena is similar to the Snooki in height and appearance,as well as mating and hunting rituals, except it's face resembles a gremlin and is known to perform "smush-smush" on both men and women. The most accepted theory on the origin of the Deena is that a Snooki will transform into a Deena either when it gets wet or is fed after midnight.
Ex 1:Sizzler owner: you gotta see this, this thing destroyed my restaurant!

Randy Marsh: What the hell is it?

Sizzler owner: They call it a Snooki, it's very famous.

Randy Marsh: Why?

Sizzler owner: I don't know!!!

Snooki: Snooki want smush-smush!

Mr. Stotch(Butters' dad): It's raping me!!!

Randy Marsh: Shoot it!!!

(guy shoots at Snooki with shotgun and misses)
(Snooki jumps out window)

Ex2: Kyle: What's that behind you?

Cartman: Nice try Kyle.

Kyle: No seriously, what is that?!

(Cartman turns around)

Cartman:Dude, What The Fuck Is That?!

Snooki: Snooki want smush-smush!!!


Kyle: Oh god, guys get the hell out of here!

Stan: Why?

Kyle: Just get the hell out of here!

(Kyle transforms into Jersey alter-ego, Kylie-B)

Kylie-B: Get the fuck out of here ya piece of gahbage!

Snooki: (incoherent gibberish)

Kylie-B: You're muff cabbage! You got cabbage on your muff!

Snooki: (more incoherent gibberish)

(Kylie-B punches Snooki in the face)
(Snooki runs out crying)

Ex3: Mysterious Chinese Man: Remember, do not get your Snooki wet or feed it after midnight, unless you want it to turn into a Deena.
by TurkTurkleton September 01, 2011
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n: extra large oompa-loompa that's easier to get on than facebook
Tom: You hear about Megan
Jim: Yeah, she went to the bar and got seven guys
Tom: What a Snooki
by Devine1 March 07, 2010
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The result of an oompa loompa fucking a troll doll, to create a weird troll like creature that wants "smush smush" Known for being easier than a sex doll and for violating Eric Cartman.
Snooki want smush smush!
by pacman jones32 October 29, 2010
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A disease-ridden, mentally and developmentally disadvantaged organism of unknown gender found on MTV's hit show, Jersey Shore (or 'Joysey Shoy'). Claims to hold close to the heart its Italian heritage but is known to have originated somewhere in Chile.

Has more sexually transmitted diseases than one can keep track of, and will more than willingly insert a penis into any cavity on its body (an act which it refers to as 'smooshing').

Orange in color, miniature in stature, and with the IQ of a small infant, it is needless to say that Snooki is one of the most abominable and atrocious creatures to ever walk the Earth.
Snooki has a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases which it would be happy to pass on to you.
by JR Frenchtoastersticks v2.0 February 25, 2011
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(n) A stumpy and incredibly wide piece of orange colored feces, with one end tapered off to form a small round nodule.
I just defecated and when I looked down I thought I was watching Jersey Shore on that television network that used to play music videos, because my excrement looked like Snooki.
by playconn February 02, 2010
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1. Cast member of the god-awful TV show Jersey Shore. Known for being a slut who tans too much, thinks she's Italian when she's really Chilean, and bases her political opinions on people's views on tanning and not real issues. Also hideously ugly.

2. A real boner killer

3. A person carrying every STD known to man (and possibly a few others that haven't been discovered yet).
1. Oh god Jersey Shore is on again. Unless Snooki announces she has skin cancer and six months to live I shy away from the TV whenever it's on.

2. I was getting ready to have sex with this really hot chick from the Iron Maiden show when a Snooki popped into my head for a second and now I'm struggling with erectile dysfunction.

4. Mark and Kim are perfect for each other. They're both Snookis so they can't catch anything new from each other.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 19, 2011
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