The level of being drunk and high at the same time that is way beyond chill but a little before TRASHED. The level you want to achieve for maximum pleasure and relaxation. The level of thought where you realize that you could go further but have gone far enough.
Damn look at Travis. That kid is Shaked. One more hit and he is gonna be TRASHED.

We are all gettin Shaked tonight.
by NO DRAMA February 28, 2009
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the action of something that explodes after being thrown, in the same manner as Master Shake from Aqua Teen when he throws something.
"That remote just exploded after he threw it!"
"Yea, it totally shaked all over everything."
by Monoxide3009 September 17, 2007
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Rubbing salt into the wound.

The third party shouts shake shake referring to the salt when someone is dissed/insulted.

Used by Tom Odell.
"You have friends???"
"Ouch! Shake shake..."
by Roman224444 February 10, 2014
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The cruddy end bits of a large bag of weed.
"I bought a pound and got a whole ounce of shake as personal smoke."
by Diego September 3, 2003
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When you are in a point of time where yourself before would be shook
*In a candy store*
You: 6 year old me is shaking
by tlcfan November 20, 2017
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The jitteriness followed by a long night of drinking which usually will only stop with more drinking.
I need to get another beer, I'm starting to get the shakes.
by Suzybelle December 14, 2007
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Person 1: "Fam, I'll pay u back at the end of the week, trust"
Person 2: "Cmon b, ur shaking it"
by FlamesWorthy November 14, 2016
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