in Canadian English, 3 magnifier 10 would be equal to "3 to the power of 10" not "3 multiplied by 10"!
by sexydimma June 16, 2015
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- n. - The act of magnifying the breastal area
Wow, this milkshake magnifier really does the job! THey look 10 times bigger!
by Bensta November 22, 2005
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A lens that is used to examine someone’s insanely small chode.
His chode was very small that people had to use a magnifying glass in order to see it.
by Minecraft1238 March 19, 2019
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The part of the brain connected to the back of the throat that regulates the intensity of a gag reflex. Upon receiving sensory input from the brain, the gag-o-magnifier then calulates the gag factor - taking into account synergistic variables such as alcohol or drug over indulgence, excess pie intake, and outside influences such as a blast of shit.

Gag-o-magnifier is from the Ninja Turtles cartoon.
Riding in the back of Elrod's Pinto across West Texas after a bottle of tequila and some peyote buttoms, the gag-o-magnifier kicked into warp mode and had me hurling like exorcist girl.
by wheaty May 28, 2005
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in Canadian English something like 3 magnifier 10 would be equal to 3 to the power of 10, not 3 multiplied by 10!
by sexydimma March 08, 2015
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