Drink brand that produces ginger ale, seltzer water, tonic water, and club soda
Guy 1: Oh Shoot! Ima drink that seagrams citrus orange seltzer water!

Guy 2: YO but dat ginger ale tho
by thatseagramstho December 19, 2013
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Rapper from East Oakland, released 3 albums, was gunned down in 1995 because of a deep dope game conflict.

One of the MOST underrated rappers in the West
Ayo loc, seagram's music bumps in the system.
by e/sBLCPRSWATTSUPJDC November 1, 2006
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seagram's 7 is an underrated whiskey that is cheap but has a great taste.
"Hmmm I dont have enough for crown royal or jack daniels i better go for the seagram's 7"
by Jefftos June 10, 2006
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The best fucking whiskey on earth!
"Hey lets go get some VO and get fucking hammered!"
by Scarface February 19, 2004
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I had a shot of seagrams seven and the panties dropped themselves. It wasn't my fault, I had seagrams. Damn that S-7 club!
by boo-boo-k-f May 18, 2004
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A drink only liked by a few people. It is a mixture of orange soda with water. At first taste, it tastes like orange soda but then disappears into the softness of water. This gives you a half and half taste and kind of teases you to want orange soda and water. It makes you feel light headed in a way from the rapid changes in taste. Why dont you just drink water? or Orange Soda?
Guy 1: Yo have some seltzer water

Guy 2: Alright let me try it *Seagrams citrus orange seltzer water*
Guy 3: Yo that stuff is literally disgusting!

Guy 1: Dude! Its literally delicious!

Guy 4: That stuff is nasty dude

Guy 2: Yo let me try it *takes a sip*. Yo it tastes like orange soda and then water its not that bad. *a few sips later*. Yo this is nasty. *pours away the seltzer water*

Guy 3: The Guy 1's in the world would be devastated seeing you do that

Guy 1: Yo but that seltzer water tho
by Seltzerwaterchugs December 18, 2013
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