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1. The oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips, and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes;

2. Christmas cheer;

3. The stimulating drink that puts the spring in the old gentleman’s step on a frosty, crispy morning;

4. The drink which enables a man to magnify his joy, and his happiness, and to forget, if only for a little while, life’s great tragedies, and heartaches, and sorrows;
I drink whiskey because I am an American.
by koolwinder March 10, 2015

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Make your application look like the specs.
"I will spec-ify the sports scores listing in our app and then the UED folks will finally get off my case."
by koolwinder January 03, 2007

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