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Endure, last or be sufficient; extend, reach out, stretch forth; to persist.
The trip had better be short, or the food won't hold out.
He held out his hand for her to take.
The rebels won't hold out much longer against the Imperial army.
by Black and Crimson December 04, 2006
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To wait for someone else to call back when a call gets disconnected rather than calling back yourself.
"Damnit the call got dropped."
"Aren't you going to call her back man?"
"Nah dude, I think I'll just holdout for a minute."
by D H December 01, 2007
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When somebody doesn't live up to a deal they saying they would do something n then not doing it. If someone lets u down n doesnt hold true to their word.
I was gonna come n c u this weekend but i had to go out shopping.

shes such a fucking holdout...would rather sit around doing fuck all then go n see her boyfriend who lives 1.5 hours away
by Uno Who June 13, 2007
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To pass someone over in order to wait for someone else better to come along. Common practice in both dating and job interviews.
After the job interview the company decided to holdout and interview more candidates.
by billthecat January 18, 2010
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Bag some zombos in this awsome half life 2 modification coming sooon!!!!
damn Holdout is so fun, omg Nags the Mongoose king killed me
by Nags April 12, 2005
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