a perfect, flawless, godly, unbelievable human being that everyone loves. Why? Because its a natural effect that person has. They are beautiful, smart, tall, and fun to be around. She gets straight A's because shes a boss. everything about her is perfect and everything around her loves her even if its a chair.
-Wow look theres Tia!
-I know she's so perfect!
-I love her so much!
by Nicole aka tias bffl November 22, 2012
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Amazingly beautiful girl, gets anything she wants, is just too sweet but can be mean at some times, even though she never really means the bad things she says. great personality, nice figure, stands out in a crowd, a freak, great in bed, not a player but has plenty of men, she just all around a great girl to be with and quite epic at that! she's not weird your just regular!
Boy 1: did you see Tia!?
Boy 2: yeah man, her body is smoking!
by tee eye aye . July 04, 2010
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Tia is the most beautiful girl of the gang, she's brave and will defend her friends through everything, Tia, as I said is beautiful but doesn't admit it.
Tia always sticks with her friends and always goes for the best boys ever.
You could take one look at Tia and fall head over heels for her.

Boys, always keep a Tia because after you let her go she's not coming back to you.

Tia has many talents such as performing arts (acting, singing and dancing)

I could go on and on about Tia but I can't be assed to type any more
There's Tia with the best of all boys
by Someone_with_a_name February 28, 2018
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Tia is the most unique and mysterious person you could come across. You have to dig your way into her life to actually figure her out. She acts quiet and shy when you first meet her. But after that you won't be able to shut her up. Not that you'll want to. She'll talk about random things but everyone finds her life and news fascinating and could listen to her voice all day. Shes pretty and slim. She may be tormented because how skinnny she is. But she is healthy and slightly tanned. Boys fall for her easily. She just don't realise how many people like her and love her
James:look it's Tia
Mason: damn she looks fine
James:hands off dude. I love her
Mason: you haven't even spoke to her
James: yeahhhh I don't care
by Licyluce March 25, 2018
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She's Pretty, Great Personality, Caring, Funny, Silly at times!, Beautiful eyes and a smile that will melt your heart :D AND the best in the bedroom ;)

She's the best i'll ever have! (8)
Tia is probably the most AMAZING person you'll ever meet!
by 09012010 December 08, 2010
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Try It And See. Milder form of RTFM. Used when a question is asked of someone supposedly more knowledgable, but they have no clue about the answer.
Idiot web dev: Can I put a table in a form in a iframe with an embedded Flash applet?

Expert: TIAS
by Gigs February 25, 2005
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A beautiful, Nice and kind loving girl c:
She's very nice, She must be a Tia
by Riri.3. July 24, 2019
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