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an absoulute complete fucking idiot
he/she is a melt

your a meltboy

shutup you melt
by annoymus November 30, 2007
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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A person who has no balls, needs to man up, gives in to anything.
by audatex April 15, 2011
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The response to an extremely flattering of erotic comment indicating that the recipient is overcome with emotion to the point that their body instantly relaxes or they get butterflies in the stomach.
Lady, I don't know what I want more right now, your body or your mind." Response:"Melts.
by HTflatterpanties September 22, 2010
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To melt is to wimp out of doing something or to get scared.
Ash- Do you want to go and tell the teacher to fuck off!
Joe- Yeah, lets do it bruva

They approach the teacher, Ash tells the teacher fuck off but
Joe melts off pretending he is not involved.

Ash- You absolute melt Joe, you melted I'm egg with you
by Superbent May 04, 2011
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A social insult, loosely represents an individual who is arrogant, inpunctual, stingy and/or stupid.

Where an individual puts there own drug and social arrangements before you or other friends
"That guy is a melt"

"What a melt"
by Gng October 06, 2013
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The ecstatic and thrilling feeling you feel when:
1) You see someone extremely hot.
2) Someone you love does something really sweet or good to you.
"Omg that guy's so fucking hot I'm gonna melt!"

"Last night, I melted when my boyfriend did the sweetest thing ever!"
by Sexehhh January 02, 2009
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