Tia is the most beautiful girl of the gang, she's brave and will defend her friends through everything, Tia, as I said is beautiful but doesn't admit it.
Tia always sticks with her friends and always goes for the best boys ever.
You could take one look at Tia and fall head over heels for her.

Boys, always keep a Tia because after you let her go she's not coming back to you.

Tia has many talents such as performing arts (acting, singing and dancing)

I could go on and on about Tia but I can't be assed to type any more
There's Tia with the best of all boys
by Someone_with_a_name February 28, 2018
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A beautiful, Nice and kind loving girl c:
She's very nice, She must be a Tia
by Riri.3. July 25, 2019
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Tia is beautiful, smart, modest and independent person. She’s a great dancer and very artist. People love her personality because she’s always herself around everyone. Tia’s are very well known and most likely popular but doesn’t know. Even though she likes everyone for who they are she doesn’t like fake people. She keeps her circle small with only people she knows she can trust. Although she’s very polite and organized she can tell you about yourself and go off on you. It’s really easy to fall in love with Tia but it’s not the same way for her. She has a really hard time trusting ppl so until u prove to her that your trust is real the relationship isn’t going to happen.
Boy 1: Wow who’s that
Boy 2: That’s Tia you can’t have her, I’ve been trying to get her for months

Boy 1: Maybe you aren’t trying hard enough, but to late she’s mine now.
by Honsjskensh April 14, 2019
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Tia is an amzing girl she is so pretty and so is her personality if she is in your life you will know that she is amazing but shes taken by me and only me and oh god i love her but she has one flaw and only one she is terrible at replying back to texts XD
So if you try to take tia then i will kill you unless she wants you
by Pax menfold April 9, 2019
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A beautiful girl she doesn't start drama or like to socialise with anyone but if she has to she will and she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She's very protective of the people she cares about and will not stand for your bullshit, she's very good at listening to your problems and she understands what you going through and will do anything to see the ones she loves happy even if I means she is upset herself she's very caring

Tia is usually the one too fall in love really fast and doesn't get over people quick either, if you are loved by a Tia consider yourself a lucky fucking person and don't be an asshole and push her away she loves you so much, Tia will do anything for you and will try her absolute hardest to make sure your happy if Tia loves you she will let you know and she will try her absolute hardest with you, if she wants you she will tell you and she will fight for you but if you keep pushing her away she will just think you don't want her anymore and give up, Tia dos the care if she's hurting as long as you okay and happy.

Tias usually the jealous type she will get jealous of other people entering your life but that's only because she is scare about loosing you. Tias are usually the ones who get left and they don't do anything about it bu cry at home by themselfs, she will walk around school acting fine holding in all of those tears acting as if she doesn't care and that it doesn't bother he when really it's killing her inside and it comes out as anger.
Ella:Wow did you see Tia

Olivia: Yes! She looks gorgeous!
by The real truth about girls November 12, 2017
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Tia is a gorgeous amazing girl always looking out for friends even people she doesn't know, she can be shy but she's confident and smart independent but she doesn't like being disrespected she hates people who think to much of themselves

We love Tia
Omg, that girl what's her name? She most be a Tia!
by smellyberry May 10, 2014
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A cute,silly girl who who has a great personality.She is so loveable and would anything for anyone. She is very modest and has a beautiful face and a beautiful figure.
Girl 1: "Wow Tia is so beautiful"
Girl 2: "I know, you can't help but love her though"
by 851 March 16, 2013
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