An amazingly sexy girl that would do anything for anyone. Always kind hearted and is extremely loveable and is amazing in bed!!!
1. Did you here about Tia?

2. Yeah. She's really hot!!!
by X-boy May 04, 2009
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An acronym for "This is awkward". It can be used to describe a situation or a person. Pronounced like the name tia. Like tia from sister sister.
Amy: Omg today i was talking to Brain accidentally farted really loud.
Sofia: Thats soooo TIA

Katie: I just talked to Justin for the first time after we hooked up and it was like the most TIA thing ever.

Mary: I hooked up with this really ugly guy like a week ago, and ive been ignoring all his texts and calls and then today i bumped into him at the movies, TIA

Alyssa: Why is Ben the most TIA person ever
by cheeeyazabzabzab June 01, 2009
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This Is Africa
What happens in Africa
Solomon: My son was killed by the Rebels
Safo: TIA, everyone dies everyday
by Charlie603 March 03, 2007
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For simple texting:
Person 1: Could you send me the details for tomorrow's event? TIA.
Person 2: Sure. No problem.
by Janice Mints March 09, 2012
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i love my tia ......... she's so tia
by tia December 11, 2004
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A super hilarious, dte girl. May or may not have a rich soulmate. Always understands the most obscure emotions someone could be feeling. Usually loud
"Who is that girl always searching for love and Nerd's Rope?"
"Oh, that's Tia!"
by e117e November 08, 2017
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Thanks In Advance can be shortened into slang/text language to "TIA."
This was found out by sending a text to a house phone which was read aloud as another meaning instead of the actual name, Tia.
Can you get those notes to me please, TIA
by .:. Tia .:. June 21, 2008
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