The cutest girl ever. She WILL be ur bff FOREVER. She has the littest friends. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY! (Date her please btw. She my bestie)
Person - who is that? She's hot bruh.

Friend- That's Tia, isn't she GORG?!??!
by Oof sexy June 18, 2018
Anyone know what WWJDFAKB stands for? TIA

(also airline code for Tampa International Airport)
by Chris August 29, 2003
For simple texting:
Person 1: Could you send me the details for tomorrow's event? TIA.
Person 2: Sure. No problem.
by Janice Mints March 9, 2012
An acronym for "This is awkward". It can be used to describe a situation or a person. Pronounced like the name tia. Like tia from sister sister.
Amy: Omg today i was talking to Brain accidentally farted really loud.
Sofia: Thats soooo TIA

Katie: I just talked to Justin for the first time after we hooked up and it was like the most TIA thing ever.

Mary: I hooked up with this really ugly guy like a week ago, and ive been ignoring all his texts and calls and then today i bumped into him at the movies, TIA

Alyssa: Why is Ben the most TIA person ever
by cheeeyazabzabzab June 1, 2009
This Is Africa
What happens in Africa
Solomon: My son was killed by the Rebels
Safo: TIA, everyone dies everyday
by Charlie603 March 3, 2007
Thanks In Advance can be shortened into slang/text language to "TIA."
This was found out by sending a text to a house phone which was read aloud as another meaning instead of the actual name, Tia.
Can you get those notes to me please, TIA
by .:. Tia .:. June 21, 2008
A popular Abbreviation meaning "This is Africa".
Also used in movies like Blood Diamond starring Leonardo De Caprio.
I don't sound very cool saying this but, TIA.
by Mustacio August 16, 2007