Tia is a short form of Tiana. Tia is a female name. Most Tias have dark hair and eyes and they're parents aren't American or Canadian. Tias can get mad easily and when they are they're really mad. So don't get on they're nerves! They normally have long hair too and aren't into being popular or anything. They are great people though and won't let you down if you're they're your friend.
Person #1: Hey look at her she has long dark hair. Must be a Tia.

Person #2: She is. But she can get really mad if you mess with her, so don't ask her out.
by Awesomest Person Ever!😋 February 07, 2015
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a great chick that is awesome at bj's and is so hot you can't take your eyes off her everyone loves her and if you want great sex you go to a tia
hot and great at sex everyone loves her
by tia December 09, 2004
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If you find a Tia, don't be an idiot and let her go, she is the most beautiful girl ever, she is the most sassy girl ever and is always taken, most Tia's have long brown hair and brown eyes which make all the boys fall for her, boys if you have a Tia don't let her go
Man 1:"Excuse me do you no who she is"
Man 2:" She's so pretty she must be a Tia"
Man 1: " I saw her first therefore she's mine"
Man 2: "I told you that she is a Tia"
Tia: "Sorry boys but I'm taken"
Man 1 and Man 2 burst into tiers
by I no stuff December 17, 2017
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usually short for tianna
a girl who is completely crazy. She is not afraid to make completely hilarious faces and be weird in front of teachers. Sometimes, even with her bold personality she does not always feel she is fitting in. She never usually starts drama, but will speak up for herself. she always has good grades. She is sarcastica, and sometimes says things , but never means for them to be taken seriously.
you: look at that girl over there pretending to be an ostrich
me: she looks like a tia
by shewantthebooty. January 14, 2014
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Tia is a nice young lady. She loves to go on fun rides. She plays basket ball with her friends . Shes a wild animal. She can be fat sometimes but that what's make a her.she loves to eat Terence dick
Tia is a fun.
She's a Tia.
by The mystert5 July 18, 2017
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A popular Abbreviation meaning "This is Africa".
Also used in movies like Blood Diamond starring Leonardo De Caprio.
I don't sound very cool saying this but, TIA.
by Mustacio August 16, 2007
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1. This Is Awkward
(pronounced like a name.....tee-aah)
1. Joe & Joanne: (grunts and noises on the bed)

Joe: Joanne this sex is so good! (Joanne's parents walk in)

Joanne's parents: WTFF!!!

Joe & Joanne: ...T.I.A...
by EAZi January 12, 2011
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