You and a homie go to buy a spicy burrito. One homie then shoves said burrito up the others butt hole. Finally the homie that shoved the burrito in the ass eats and sucks the fuck out of the burrito as the other pushes it out.
Setting - Homies naked playing ps4
Homie 1:"Yo do you want to do 2 boys 1 burrito?"
Homie 2:"What's that"
Homie 1:*Shoves burrito in his ass*
by The East is Red May 31, 2019
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A user on constantiam who tries really really hard to be a regular, he also doesnt shut the fuck up about any previous times he's had with constantiam players. He used to go by QI2I until migration buttfucked his succulent little boy pussy
Oh there goes 2 boys 1 cup not shutting THE FUCK UP about PRC
by 2boys1cup July 16, 2022
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Code for casual body touching (titties, pussy, thighs, etc..)
Person 1: "hey baby, wanna come to my place and have some sexy time?"
Person 2: "Oh, you mean the boys season 1?"
Person 1: "umm, sure?"
by BurgerKingBruhMoment December 15, 2021
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2 kittens, 1 boy was a video posted on YouTube in 2010 by Luke Magnotta including a boy putting 2 small kittens into a vacuum seal bag and vacuum sealing them, both kittens died and Magnotta was arrested on June 4th 2012 for first-degree murder.
2 kittens, 1 boy is a disgusting video and should have never been posted in the first place.
by boddahvr September 30, 2022
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it show 1 boy taking 2 kitten putting them in a large plastic bag the cat died and. the boy was arrested what? you really thought it was werid porn? did you really think it was some like lemon party or meat spin or 2 girl and 1 cup?HUH thought it was staple porn? thought it was that video of a girl farting on a cake? you think it was 2 boy and 1 sandbox NO IT WAS JUST A BOY PUTTING 2 KITTEN IN A LARGE PLASTIC BAG AND CLOSING IT
jake: hey wanna watch 1 boy 2 kitten i heard it scary
jim: uhh yeah sure

after the video

by eeeeeeaeee May 24, 2021
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The characters in your definitions. Now we have person 1 person 2 girl 1 girl 2, and so on.
Boy 1: hi.
by Fluffy_Cats32 August 23, 2022
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