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The act of having a "thing" or pseudo-relationship
Dude 1: Yo man, aren't she and Thomas dating?
Dude 2: No dude, they were just thinging, she's available.
by InnesEmil December 01, 2010
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n. \ˈthiŋiŋ\ - In a relationship, the intersection between being a "thing" and just being a "fling". A not-so-serious level of dating, that is still more serious than a one-night-stand or a quick relationship. Usually, it occurs when good friends become something more.
"Is Kayla dating that guy now? I thought they were just friends..."
"No, they aren't dating, they are just thinging now."
by Niork777 February 16, 2009
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an ambiguous verb used to replace a verb that you can't come up with at the moment. see also da kine.
"Hey mom. Yeah, just got back from, um, thinging my friends."
by Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D September 10, 2005
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Basically when two people are together, without the official title. Includes relationship-like habits, but an individual caught up in "a thing" with someone is technically single. It is often the step before a relationship.
1. PersonA: are John and Sarah dating?

PersonB: They have a thing / thinging.

2. Sarah: why are you talking to Jasmine all the time?
John: chill out, you're not my girlfriend, I do what I want.
by Baqala April 11, 2014
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